Season One, Episode 1: Pilot

  • Blackrose Terrace
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Krista slowly trudged up the steps to her second-floor apartment. It was a cool Thursday evening, and she'd decided to change into her workout clothes and go for a run after work to get clear her head from a long four days of work. Fortunately, she was off tomorrow, and because there were plans to make for the weekend, she was looking forward to a nice, quiet evening.

She looked down at her watch. 7pm... Not bad. I'll grab a shower, curl up with a movie, and get to bed early for an early start tomorrow, she thought to herself as she unlocked her door.

Still feeling the endorphin rush from her run and caught up in her own thoughts, she didn't notice the fire door behind her quietly open revealing a female figure in a black bodysuit and ski mask step behind her. As Krista opened her door, the black-clad woman charged behind her, pushing her into her apartment and letting the door slam behind her. Krista instantly had a gloved hand clamp over her mouth, and she felt a pistol press against the back of her neck.

"Not a word," ordered the all-too-familiar voice.

Jerrica, you cunning bitch, thought Krista as she raised her hands in resigned surrender.

Such things were all-too-common occurences at 4616 Blackrose Terrace. It had all started years ago when Krista Parks and Dawn Combs were roommates in college. The two were watching Single White Female one night and they both expressed an interest in the scenes where Jennifer Jason Leigh held Bridget Fonda captive in her apartment, and the bondage games between the two began.

In recent years, both girls had met new female friends who had similar interests, eventually resulting in a group of eight players in total. When the Blackrose Terrace apartments were built, the women approached the management and all eight were able to get into the same building. Dawn lived in 101, and Krista lived directly upstairs in 201. Catherine "Cat" Rockwell was one of Dawn's coworkers, and she lived across the hall from Dawn in 102, while Krista's friend Tia Nash lived across the hall from her in 202. A firewall separated the two halves of the building, and friends Lori Benson, Veronica "Roni" Lord, Jerrica Baxter, and Piper Kurtz lived on the other side of it in apartments 103, 104, 203, and 204, respectively.

Therein began a seemingly neverending series of staged abductions, home invasions, and all-around pranks among the eight. Very conscious of each other's livelihood and social situations, they maintained a public calendar outlining work hours, family visits, and other details so the "games" didn't negatively affect their lives.

As such, it wasn't uncommon for one of the women to put on a disguise and "arm" herself with a water pistol to engage in some bondage-filled mischief against one of her fellow residents, which is why Krista found herself in her current predicament.

"So, Jerrica," muttered Krista as her wrists were being knotted together behind her back, "how did you figure out I'd taken the day off tomorrow just to plan out a perfect birthday present for you?"

Her abductor spun Krista around. "Oh, I overheard you plotting with Tia down in the laundry room about how both of you were going to take tomorrow off to set up something 'special' for me. I'm quite flattered you thought I warranted using a vacation day for, especially since I know I don't have to release you by any specific time."

"Oh, you bi... glurg!" was all Krista was able to get out before Jerrica stuffed a foam ball in her mouth. Jerrica quickly pulled a bandanna out of her belt and tied it over Krista's mouth to seal the ball in (a signature Jerrica move, if there was one).

"That's enough out of you," said Jerrica with an evil glint in her eye. "Now walk!"

Jerrica picked up her bag of bondage paraphernalia and marched Krista past the kitchen into the combination living/dining room where she pulled out one of the table chairs. She seated Krista in the chair, guiding her arms over the back of the chair. Krista pulled out a long rope, doubled it, and looped it twice over Krista's shoulders and the chair back. She passed the two rope ends through the loop and tightened the shoulder bonds until they were snug. Then she passed the ends down to Krista's wrists, where she wrapped Krista's crossed hands once and passed the ends down under the horizontal crossbeam between the back legs of the chair, under the front crossbeam, and after pulling everything tight, around Krista's ankles, tying a secure sailor's knot to finish it off. Just to add to Krista's immobilization, she pulled out another length of rope which she used to bind Krista's knees together, leaving enough slack to tie each end of the rope to one of the front chair legs.

"How does that feel?" asked Jerrica, admiring her handiwork.

Krista gave a few tugs. She had to hand it to Jerrica. While this was a relatively simple tie, it was about as secure as it could be. If she leaned forward, it pulled her feet back, and vice-versa. Plus, with the main knot all the way down at her feet, there was no way she could untie it unless she somehow manage to get her hands free. She made a few frustrated grunts as she attempted to find a weakness.

Jerrica smiled. "I'll take that as a good sign. Now, I've got something special for you, so just wait here, and I'll be back in a little bit."

Krista wondered what Jerrica could possibly have in store for her and whined.

Jerrica ignored her and picked up Krista's keys, locking the door as she left the apartment, leaving Krista to squirm in anticipation.

Krista hadn't gotten anywhere in the thirty or so minutes before she heard the keys in her door. She wasn't sure what Jerrica had in mind, but what she didn't expect to see what Jerrica leading Tia into her apartment.

Tia had been ambushed after work as well, as she was dressed only in an oversized T-shirt and panties. Her hands were bound wrist-to-wrist in front of her, but another rope ran from her wrists down and around her knees, ensuring she couldn't reach up to ungag herself nor run away. Judging by the position of her jaw behind the bandanna tied over her lips, Krista assumed she got the foam ball treatment as well.

Tia met Krista's gaze and just shrugged.

"We would have been here sooner," said Jerrica, "but I wanted to let Tia finish her movie. I queued up Dumb and Dumber for her on Netflix while I was waiting for you to get home."

Krista winced. Tia hated Jim Carrey, and Jerrica knew that.

Jerrica looked toward the ceiling. "Oh good," she exclaimed, "you still have that eyebolt set into the support beam!"

Jerrica led Tia under the aforementioned eyebolt, and pulled a chair nearby. She reached in her bag and took out another long rope which she doubled and cinched between Tia's wrists. Then she untied the rope connecting Tia's wrists and knees. Taking the long rope, she stood on the chair and passed the ends through the metal hoop, quickly tugging at the slack pulling Tia's wrists over her head, until she was standing almost tiptoe underneath it. Jerrica wrapped the ends around Tia's waist a few times and knotted it off, leaving several feet of rope still dangling from the knot.

I'll give Jerrica this, thought Krista, she does know how to tie someone up using very few actual knots. She vowed to make a mental note for when she took her inevitable revenge.

Jerrica moved back to Krista and undid the knots holding her knees to the chair, and then undid her ankles, pulling the rope free from her legs and shoulders. "On your feet!" she ordered.

Krista stood up, and Jerrica led her in front of Tia, pressing them belly-to-belly. She then took the leftover rope knotted off Tia's waist and wrapped it around Krista's waist until there was just enough rope left to tie one last knot behind Tia's back.

Jerrica then took the slack from both Tia and Krista's knee ropes and tied them together. Thinking Krista still had too much freedom in her hands, she took out one last rope, tied it around Krista's wrists, then passed it down between both Krista and Tia's calves and tied it off with the other knot behind Tia's waist.

Jerrica looked at them a few minutes, pondering something. She then took out a roll of duct tape and tore off six nine-inch strips, loosely attaching them to the back of the chair she'd used to reach the eyebolt.

"Those balls are probably pretty soaked by now, and I won't be too cruel and leave them in," she said.

She untied each girl's bandanna and removed the foam ball, opting to instead just seal their mouths with three strips of tape. Neither of them especially liked it, but it was better than the jaw strain caused by the balls.

"Well, the two of you look like you'll be busy for a while," said Jerrica. "I'm going to go finish the book I've been reading, and I'll be back at the stroke of midnight so we can celebrate my birthday for real!"

Krista and Tia's muffled protests went unheard as Jerrica left the apartment, locking the door behind her. Krista instinctively looked over at her wall clock. It was only 8:30!

True to her word, Jerrica showed up at midnight on the button. Tia and Krista's legs were aching after being forced to stand almost perfectly still for three-and-a-half hours, and both were all but begging to be freed.

"Happy birthday to me!" gloated Jerrica, amused the girls hadn't escaped their bondage. "Tell you what, girls, we can do this one of two ways: You can promise to leave me alone tomorrow, and I'll untie you now, or I can tie you together in Krista's bed for the night, and take a chance on what I dream up overnight. What'll it be?"

Jerrica removed the girls' tape gags, at which both Krista and Tia vowed not to lay so much as a finger on Jerrica for the entire weekend.

After they were freed, the three girls shared a bottle of pinot grigio Krista had in her cabinet. Finally, the night's adventures caught up to them, and they decided it was bedtime.

Jerrica was the first to leave, at which point Tia turned to Krista. "It seems like a waste now to have a whole day off for no reason now."

"Don't be so sure," replied Krista. "We promised we wouldn't kidnap Jerrica on her birthday weekend. I'm going to come up with something positively diabolical in the morning and email it to Dawn. Maybe she can get Cat or Lori in on the action, and we can get our revenge second-hand!"

Tia smiled evilly. "See you in the morning, then."

The End

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