Damsel in Distress and Bondage Fiction by Kristoffer Wolff

Welcome to Tied Up Babes, which is my repository of predicament bondage / damsel-in-distress short stories and fiction.

PLEASE NOTE: The stories on this site are intended for legal-aged adults interested in bondage, role-playing, and/or related activities and presented for entertainment and/or fantasy purposes only. I do not, in any form or capacity, advocate the assault, abduction, nor restraint of any nonconsensual person or parties.

You can either see what's new or pick a category from the navigation bar (or below) and find a story that sounds interesting.

If you like (or for that matter, dislike) the stories on this site, send me a message with your thoughts. Likewise, if you have an idea for a story or scene, pass that along as well. My email address is kristoffer.wolff@gmx.com.

If you would like to share this story with your others, feel free to share it as long as you give me proper credit and provide a link back to TiedUpBabes.com. For official purposes, all content on this site is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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