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A Night Tiger Adventure

Stunned and enraged by the murder of her parents, beautiful heiress Chase Lockheart becomes determined to bring her parents' killers to justice -- no matter the cost. A talented athlete and academic, she knows that to truly fight criminals she must break the law herself. Donning a custom-made black catsuit and mask, the raven-haired beauty becomes the Night Tiger, one of the sexiest crime-fighters of all time!

Night Tiger stepped out of the darkness behind the bushes. Glancing at the house numbers, she said to herself, 723 Elm... This must be the place. Aside from the large bushes she had emerged from, the house was relatively open and well-lit outside. She walked to each edge of the property and couldn't see anyone nearby, which was a good sign.

She walked up to the front door and rang the bell. A glint of light caught her eye as the resident opened the peephole. Night Tiger just smiled and waved. She heard the sound of several locks disengaging before the door finally opened. Inside the doorway was an obviously frightened woman, probably in her early to mid-thirties, with shoulder-length red hair and dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

"Melissa Langsford?" Night Tiger asked.

"Yes," the woman responded. "Thank God you're here. Come in. Come in."

As Night Tiger walked inside, she glanced at her surroundings. All the window shades were pulled, and the interior was only lit by one small lamp, which was just bright enough to prevent someone from walking into the furniture. A suitcase was sitting next to the couch, and by the bulging, Night Tiger assumed it had been packed in a hurry.

After re-locking the door, the woman motioned for Night Tiger to sit. Night Tiger sat down on the couch, and Melissa sat down right next to her.

"What seems to be the problem, Melissa?" Night Tiger asked.

The woman didn't say anything for a moment, then finally she spoke. "Have you heard of Tony Peroni?"

"Tony Piranha?" Night Tiger exclaimed, wondering how Melissa knew one of the most influential mob bosses in the city.

"Yes. He and I were... 'intimate'. I knew what kind of business he was involved in, and that he wasn't a good man, but he treated me really nice. Plus, all the expensive gifts and celebrity treatment won me over." Melissa dropped her head into her hands for a minute. She then sat up, took a deep breath to regain her composure, and continued. "I'm not proud of my actions, but that's the way it was."

"So what happened?" Night Tiger asked.

"The other night he..." Melissa gulped. "I saw him kill someone..."

Night Tiger raised her eyebrows. This was big. The feds had been trying to get Tony for a long time, but whenever they thought they had a witness, the witness would either be found dead or just mysteriously disappear. Since there was never any physical evidence, Tony escaped conviction even though he was suspected of committing several dozen murders.

"...and you're afraid, since Tony knows you saw him commit the murder, that he's going to kill you, right?" Night Tiger finished Melissa's sentence.

"Yes," cried Melissa. "Tony doesn't like witnesses, and I'm afraid he'll consider me a liability. He owns too many policemen for me to try and go to them. You can't possibly understand the kind of monster he turned into. He... he killed that man with a pair of pliers, for God's sake!"

Night Tiger couldn't even imagine how that was feasible, but she wasn't going to take the chance of one more witness disappearing. However, she couldn't be sure Melissa wanted to testify or just get away. "How long ago was this?" she asked.

"Two nights ago," sighed Melissa. "Right afterward, I came home and have been sitting here in the near-dark with Sparky ever since."

"Sparky?" asked Night Tiger, not noticing any telltale signs of a dog.

Melissa reached down into the couch cushion and pulled out a wicked-looking stun gun. "Sparky," she said, holding it up.

"Yeowch," smiled Night Tiger, "that's pretty nasty! Are you sure you know how to use that thing?"

"Oh, it's pretty simple," Melissa replied. "All you have to do is this!"

Without warning, Melissa's hand shot forward, and before Night Tiger could respond, Melissa sent 15,000 volts coursing through her body. Night Tiger's eyes rolled up, and she fell forward, unconscious.

Night Tiger awoke to a dull ache in her arms. The memory what had happened jolted her the rest of the way awake, not that it really mattered. Melissa had moved her to a stiff wooden chair and tied her to it. Each of her ankles was bound to one of the front legs. Another rope was tied just underneath her bust, holding her to the back of the chair. Her wrists had apparently been tied together in front, then pulled over and behind her head and tied down somewhere in the back. Finally, several strips of duct tape covered her mouth. Night Tiger cursed to herself. She had a small blade in the sole of her boot, but a fat load of good that did her tied in this position.

"Good, you're awake."

Night Tiger turned to follow the voice. There stood Melissa, now completely different from before. Gone was the dowdy, haggard-looking woman who met her at the door. In her place was a cleaned-up minx in a tight-fitting strapless dress, high heels, and groomed hair, applying slut-red lipstick in the hallway mirror.

Melissa walked over and sat down sideways on Night Tiger's lap, turning slightly so she was facing her. With the palms of her hands, Melissa rubbed the length of Night Tiger's gag, ensuring it was firmly adhered. Then Melissa pinched the zipper of Night Tiger's catsuit and unzipped it down to her navel. Despite some angry mmmph'ing, Melissa gently reached inside and began fondling Night Tiger's breasts.

"These are nice," Melissa mused. "I could have sworn you had some work done, but they feel completely natural."

Melissa sharply pinched each of Night Tiger's nipples, making her jump and squeal.

"...and sensitive, too. I wonder if your lips are this sensitive, too," Melissa muttered as she reached down with her left hand and began massaging Night Tiger's groin with her index and middle fingers, continuing to fondle Night Tiger's left breast with her right hand.

Night Tiger's back began to arch as Melissa's talented fingers did their work on her. Just as she began to approach climax, Melissa stopped and got up. Night Tiger moaned, partly out of relief, yet partly out of frustration.

Melissa walked back to the mirror and readjusted her dress and hair. "Unfortunately, you're not tied up like that just so I can fuck you," she said. "I actually work for Tony at the Baby Doll Escort Agency, and I'm tired of fucking all the abusive scumbags he does business with, who get a free night with me instead of a thank-you card. Although Tony says I can buy my way out at any time, all the shitheads he sends me are expecting a freebie and don't tip at all, meaning I'm pretty much stuck in Tony's whorehouse for the rest of my life, or at least until I get old and ugly."

Done with her preening, Melissa strode back into the room and sat down on the arm of the sofa facing Night Tiger.

"That's where you come in, sweetheart," she continued. "Short of robbing a jewelry store, there's no way I'm going to get the $250,000 to buy my freedom before my looks start to go. I'm hoping a superheroine, all nice and gift-wrapped like you are, is worth at least that much, if not more. Nothing personal, but it's you or me, and since I've got the upper hand, it's going to be you."

Night Tiger's eyes widened, and she began struggling furiously against her ropes, whining incoherently through the gag in the hopes that she might reach some iota of decency in Melissa. Tony Piranha was well-known as one of the more sadistic criminals in the city, and she could only imagine the kind of torture he would subject her to.

"Don't try appealing to my better nature, because I don't have one," replied Melissa. "Besides, I called him while you were out cold, and he should be here any minute."

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Melissa shot to her feet, straightening her dress and adjusting her bosom. Night Tiger realized that Melissa had never bothered to recover her breasts, so in addition to being tied to a chair to be sold like a piece of meat, she was going to have the added humiliation of her boobs on display for all to see.

Melissa opened the door, and a large hulk of a man entered the room. Quickly scanning the room with his eyes, he looked back at the doorway and said, "Looks all clear, boss."

Tony Peroni strode in the door as if he owned the place. Melissa bounded towards him, but the bodyguard stepped in between them. Night Tiger thought she saw another man outside, but apparently he was going to remain on the stoop as a lookout. "Check her for bugs and weapons," Tony ordered.

The bodyguard roughly frisked Melissa, patting down every square inch of her frame. Like she's able to conceal anything in that outfit, Night Tiger thought to herself.

Not finding anything, the bodyguard stepped aside and said, "She's clean, boss."

"So, Melissa," Tony beamed, "I'm told you're ready to buy out your contract. I'm surprised you managed to save up that much money so fast!"

"Not exactly," Melissa smiled. "I've got something much better! See, I captured Night Tiger, and want to trade her instead!"

Tony's face fell. "I'm sorry; would you run that by me again?"

"Night Tiger... the superheroine?" Melissa stammered. "That's her. I captured her and thought she'd easily be worth the $250K."

Tony looked over at Night Tiger, shaking his head. "Melissa, you always were a stupid bitch, but I never realized just how stupid you really were. A heroine isn't a TV or a set of diamonds. You can't just go to a freakin' pawn shop and sell a superhero. Besides, if she ever did escape, you've just implicated me in front of her. How much have you told her about me?"

"N-n-nothing," Melissa uttered, backing away from Tony, until she bumped into the mountainous bodyguard who had moved in behind her. She tried to step away, but the bodyguard grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. Holding both of her wrists with one of his massive hands, the bodyguard reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He roughly snapped them into place around Melissa's wrists, then held her still as Tony approached her.

Tony snapped open a switchblade. Too scared to speak, Melissa watched in horror as Tony gently placed the blade in her cleavage, and in one swift motion, slit the dress from bust to hemline, causing it to fall away. In only her panties, stockings, and shoes, Melissa watched as Tony retrieved the roll of duct tape she'd used to gag Night Tiger. Two more flicks of Tony's knife freed Melissa from her panties, which Tony wadded up and shoved in her mouth, following them with several strips of tape. Naked and helpless, Melissa attempted to plead with Tony through her gag.

"Shut up and listen," ordered Tony. "You're going to get your wish, Melissa. After tonight, you won't have to fuck anyone else for me."

Melissa's eyebrows rose.

Grinning like his toothy nickname, Tony added, "Mostly because you'll be at the bottom of a lake with a couple of cinderblocks chained to your neck."

Melissa began crying and squirming frantically to no avail.

Looking up at the bodyguard, Tony said, "Vito, as my thank-you to you for your service over the years, I'm going to let you give this whore her last fuck. No need to be gentle, either. The crawfish aren't going to care what she looks like when they're chewing on her dead flesh."

Showing his first emotion of the night, a big smile spread over Vito's face. Turning Melissa around, he ducked down, lifted Melissa up on his shoulder, and carried her, kicking and moaning, into a side room.

Tony paused for a minute listening to several loud thumps and Melissa's stifled screams before turning towards Night Tiger. He walked around Night Tiger a few times, finally stopping directly in front of her. "The real question is," he remarked, "whether or not you're the real deal or just some bimbo off the street Melissa stuffed into a costume. It doesn't really matter, though, since either way you're gonna end up at the bottom of a lake, too. Nice tits, though."

Night Tiger frowned and muttered something incoherent through the gag.

Smiling slightly at her futile defiance, Tony turned toward the door. "Guido, get in here!" he shouted.

A third man entered the room. Although he was smaller than Tony, Night Tiger sensed he was probably the most dangerous of the three. Something in his eyes just screamed that he was a stone-cold killer.

"Guido, keep her covered. If she tries anything funny, shoot her in the gut."

Guido pulled out a shiny .44 Magnum and leveled it at Night Tiger. Guido's expression never changed, and Night Tiger's wide-eyed gaze darted between the gun muzzle and Guido's all-business stare.

Tony untied the rope holding Night Tiger's wrists behind her head and then freed her hands. "Put your hands behind your back, and don't try anything funny," he ordered.

Night Tiger did as she was told, and Tony quickly retied her wrists behind her back. He freed her torso from the back of the chair and untied her ankles before ordering Night Tiger to stand up.

Once she was standing, Tony pushed her legs together and lashed ropes around her knees and ankles, ensuring she couldn't run nor fight. Convinced Night Tiger was no longer an immediate threat, he looked over at Guido. "See if Vito is finished with Melissa. We need to get going if we want to drop off these packages before the sun comes up."

Guido nodded and knocked on the bedroom door, pausing a moment before entering.

Tony continued securing Night Tiger by wrapping a longer rope around her shoulders and biceps, looping it above and below her bustline and knotting it tightly behind her back.

Meanwhile, Guido and Vito were exiting the room, with Vito carrying a still-bound and near-unconscious Melissa over his shoulder. Despite her anger over the deception, Night Tiger shuddered as she saw the fresh bruises on Melissa.

"Take 'em to the car, boys, and hogtie 'em in the trunk," Tony ordered, readjusting his suit.

Guido walked over to Night Tiger, put his shoulder in her waist, and lifted her up. Helpless, Night Tiger remained still as the two women were carried out to the car.

Vito popped open the trunk on the large sedan and let Guido drop Night Tiger in the back. Guido deftly tied Night Tiger's wrists and ankles together then pushed her towards the back of the trunk. Melissa followed soon after, receiving the same treatment. Slowly, Guido lowered the hatch, forcing the two women to roll to their sides so it could close all the way.

Immediately, Night Tiger went for the the heel of her boot, but the cramped trunk was difficult to maneuver in. Eventually, she tripped the latch and extracted the tiny blade within. Now, if she could only get the ropes cut loose before they reached thier final destination.

The sedan slowly backed down the abandoned pier, stopping about ten feet from the water next to a stack of cinderblocks. The mobsters got out and walked to the back of the car. Instinctively, Tony pulled out his gun.

"Get the bitches out and tie a couple blocks around their necks," he ordered, darting his head back and forth, looking for any possible witnesses.

Vito opened the trunk, and Guido lifted Melissa out of the back. Melissa was trying to talk excitedly through her gag, but the sound was unintelligible.

"For once in your life, just shut the hell up," growled Tony.

As Vito reached in to grab Night Tiger, the darkness obscured the fact she was no longer bound. A sharp kick connected squarely with Vito's face, sending the thug reeling back with a shattered nose and dislodged teeth.

Guido's hands were still full with Melissa, and the delay gave Night Tiger the time she needed to roll towards the opening and flip out of the trunk. A well-placed spin kick blasted Guido's knee, sending him tumbling to the ground with the bound Melissa landing squarely on top of him.

Tony was already reaching for his gun, but Night Tiger continued her spinning motion and smashed her forearm against the side of his neck, instantly knocking him unconscious. She followed up with a heel to Guido's temple to send him to dreamland as well.

With the men out of commission, Night Tiger tied them to their own cinderblocks and bent down to talk to Melissa.

"Looks like you're going to get your wish about no men touching you any more. You'll have a long stint in prison where I'm sure you'll be popular with some of the burlier female inmates," she gloated. "Unless of course, you do want to rat Tony out now. You'll have a few minutes to decide which option to take before the police arrive."

She knew where there was still a payphone on the pier, and headed that direction as Melissa's muffled curses mingled with the lapping waves of the ocean.

The End

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