Ninja Girls vs. Lord Zenshu

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A Ninja Girls Adventure

Maki, Saki, and Taki are new at the ninja game, and often get into situations exceeding their experience level.


Actually, the sound wasn't that loud, but all three ninja stopped motionless. Maki and Taki glared at Saki, whose embarrassed expression was only hidden by her cowl.

"Are you trying to ruin our surprise attack?" whispered Maki, her face turning almost as red as her costume.

"It was an accident," replied the yellow ninja. "I didn't see that branch lying there."

"Both of you hush," the blue ninja, Taki, admonished. "The branch was bad enough, but bickering risks giving away our position even more."

"INDEED!" A booming voice filled the air.

The ninja looked in horror as the area suddenly lit up. In front of them stood the massive figure of Lord Zenshu, the former ninja leader who had been ousted due to his tampering with evil magic. Surrounding them was at least forty of Lord Zenshu's henchmen each with a lantern in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Maki pulled out her katana, Saki wielded a pair of spiked metal fans, and Taki unfurled her chain whip. The three nodded to each other and launched into action. Saki specialized in slipping under her opponents' guard before slicing them up with her fans. Taki used her whip not only offensively, but to snare her enemies' weapons or limbs and use them against their allies. Maki, meanwhile, was just a typhoon of bladed fury. In moments, all of Zenshu's forces were devastated, and the odds were once again in the girls' favor.

Lord Zenshu clapped his hands slowly. "That was an impressive display of fighting skill. My former master must be proud of you. However, you'll find me a more formidable opponent."

He gestured with his hands, and before the girls could react, hundreds of vines shot out of the ground, snaring them. They tried cutting free, but more vines appeared each time one was cut. Eventually, they were completely immobilized.

Lord Zenshu laughed. He snapped his fingers, and vines snaked around each girl's neck and tightened until they passed out.

Maki's eyes fluttered open to utter darkness. After she shook off the daze of being unconscious, she realized in horror that Zenshu had removed her costume and roped her up in what appeared to be an underground room. She tried to call for her teammates, but Zenshu had placed a piece of bamboo in her mouth and tied it around the back of her head like a horse's bit. All that came out was an indecipherable moan. She tried to wriggle free, but ropes seemed to be everywhere on her body, and worse, she was only standing on one leg while the other appeared to be tethered to the ceiling by her knee.

Eventually, she heard two other moans in the room, and was somewhat relieved to know the other girls were still alive. She guessed they were in similar predicaments.

After what felt like an hour, the girls heard the sound of stairs creaking, and Lord Zenshu came down the stairs with a lantern in one hand, and a strange-looking vase in another.

Now that she could see, Maki realized her assumptions were correct. All three of them had been bound in the same fashion along the wall of a basement. They stared at each other helplessly wondering what the evil ex-ninja had in store for them.

"By my calculations, you three just turned eighteen recently, and you felt your first task as adult ninja was to try and assassinate the most deadly force this land has ever seen?" Lord Zenshu laughed. "I commend your ambition, but not your foolishness!"

He set the vase on a small table in the middle of the room. The top had a cloth tied over the opening, and there was a candle poking out the side of it. The girls could hear a buzzing sound emanating from it.

Lord Zenshu walked over to Maki. "Did my former master tell you that a side interest of mine was the art of shibari? Judging by your inability to escape, I would say I learned it quite well, don't you agree?" Lord Zenshu grabbed a rope that ran between Maki's legs and gave it a swift tug, sending a sharp pain through her sensitive parts. Maki groaned in agony.

"You don't seem as confident now as when you destroyed my lackeys. No matter, though. They can be easily replaced if necessary."

He walked over to the vase. "I suppose you are wondering about this. I intend to make your stay as slow and agonizing as possible. In this vase are a thousand mosquitoes. Before I leave and seal you in here, I will light the candle, and when it burns through, there will be an opening on the side that will allow the little bloodsuckers to escape and feast on the only three mammals they will have access to. I do not know if they are capable of killing you in one night or not, but if no one finds you, then it will just be a matter of time!"

The girls shrieked as Lord Zenshu lit the candle.

"Good-bye, you overconfident fools!" Lord Zenshu said as he walked up the stairs and bolted the door behind them. The only light left in the room was the candle which was the only impediment between the insects and them.

The girls looked at each other and began fighting the bonds, trying to find some sort of weakness in the bondage. Taki and Saki tried to move toward each other, but Lord Zenshu had made sure they were tied far enough apart to prevent one from helping another escape. Maki worked against her own restraints, never letting her gaze leave the candle, which was burning faster than normal due to its horizontal position.

Maki, Saki, and Taki looked at each other in panicked helplessness. The candle was almost to the edge of the vase, and none of them had so much as loosened a single knot.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of a calamity outside. Was Lord Zenshu under attack, and if so, by whom? Their attention became divided between the candle and the battle, but that stopped when the candle burned into the vase and dislodged itself, flooding the room with the hungry insects.

The girls screamed through their gags as hundreds of mosquitoes covered them, their beaks like so many pinpricks on their tender skin.

The stairwell door burst open, and a unit of ninja entered the room. The leader spotted the mosquitoes and immediately unleashed a flurry of smoke bombs in the room which drove the insects up the stairwell into the open air.

Once the smoke cleared, Maki realized their savior was their own clan. The leader, Master Hoji, ungagged Maki, while other ninja began untying the other two.

"That was foolish of you three," scolded Hoji. "As skilled as you are, you were no match for an opponent of Zenshu's power."

Maki could only nod in shame. The trio was going to spend the next few days covered in ointments to counter the itching caused by the mosquito bites they'd received. She imagined lessons in escape were also in order, and she wasn't looking forward to spending the next several months in various states of bondage.

The End

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