Baited Revenge

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A Jungle Twins Adventure

When they were only fifteen, Lara and Sara accompanied their archaeologist parents to a remote jungle island. When tragedy befell their parents, the orphaned girls were forced to survive on their own and become hardened warriors of the jungle.

Mabu scowled from the shadows watching the yellow-haired girl leap through the trees. As he followed her silently, his thoughts drifted back to the humiliation this white-skinned devil woman inflicted on him.

Several days ago, a strange pale woman wandered into their village wishing to trade rare jungle herbs for tools. Mabu spied the woman and immediately became smitten with her shapely figure. In Mabu's village, the warriors had the right to claim any unmarried woman as their bride. However, when he openly claimed the woman, she laughed at him.

Furious, he wanted to show the woman her place, but she possessed agility and strength unheard of for a woman, and managed to sidestep his lunge and trip him into a pile of fruit causing all of the onlookers to laugh at him.

Mabu ran from the village, vowing not to return unless he was bringing the woman's head as a trophy.

It had taken a few days' searching, but he had finally spotted her again and followed her, wanting to learn all he could about her.

Reaching a part of the forest he had never seen before, he spied a small, well-hidden hut. As he drew closer, he could scarcely believe his eyes there were two of the yellow-haired women!

As he continued to watch the two interact, it became clear the two were sisters. The one who had shamed him was the slightly taller of the two, but otherwise the two were identical. Perhaps he could use this discovery to achieve both of his aims.

Sara smiled as her sister Lara walked up to their home. "Hello, sister, how are the berries doing?"

"They are growing well," replied Lara, catching her breath. "Barring any adverse weather, we should have a large crop in a few weeks."

"Good," said Sara, "I'm looking forward to something sweet for a change. It seems we've been eating entirely too many bland vegetables of late."

"Speaking of which, I'm starving. Is lunch ready?"

Sara shook her head. "Not yet, I was going to fix some of the fish we had in the holding pond, but I didn't want it to get overcooked, so I was waiting for you to return."

"I'll go in and start the fire while you do that," offered Lara.

Sara nodded. "I'll be back shortly."

Lara grabbed an armful of firewood from the pile and walked into the hut. Sara began walking east toward the small pond where they kept the fish they had caught yesterday.

Mabu crouched behind the tree and brandished a heavy branch, waiting for his prey to approach. As Sara passed the tree, Mabu brought the branch down swiftly against the back of her head. Sara collapsed, and Mabu smiled.

He took out his knife and made a small cut on Sara's hand. As the blood dripped out, he hoisted her over his shoulders and he began carrying her to the site he'd chosen for his plan.

Where is she? wondered Lara. It had been almost an hour since Sara went to get the fish, and Lara was getting concerned. She walked outside wondering if Sara was having issues cleaning the fish, but Sara was nowhere in sight.

Alarmed, she darted toward the pond, but stopped short about fifty feet from the hut. Sara's net and fish knife were lying on the ground. As her eyes darted around the scene, she spotted droplets of blood on some leaves and what looked to be a path of someone cutting through the forest.

Fearing the worst, Lara ran back to the hut, grabbing her knife and spear, and began following the trail in order to find Sara.

Sara's head throbbed as her eyes slowly opened. She was in the middle of a clearing with the sun blazing down on her. She went to move, but found herself immobilized. Whoever had knocked her out had tied her to a post in a sitting position with her arms bound overhead. Her legs were tied together at the knees and ankles, a stake attached to the ankle ropes.

Sara wanted to call for help, but her captor (or captors) had wrapped cloth around a rope which was tied around her head, filling her mouth and silencing any attempt at communication.

As she wriggled in an attempt to get free, she couldn't help but think the way she was positioned was as some sort of bait. Was it for her sister or one of the many jungle predators?

Mabu smiled as he watched his captive struggle from his secluded position. She was very pleasing to him, and he looked forward to siring his future offspring.

His fantasies were interrupted, however, when he heard someone stalking through the jungle toward him. As the devil girl passed him by and spied her sister, he slowly rose from his hiding spot and began advancing toward her.

Sara's attempts at twisting free were getting her nowhere. Her head still throbbed from the blow, and the awkward seated position prevented her from being able to examine the ropes binding her wrists. She sighed wondering what was supposed to happen next.

She noticed a movement in the forest in front of her. A wave of relief washed over her when Lara stepped out of the woods. Making eye contact with her sister, Lara began advancing toward her.

Sara's elation quickly turned to horror as another shape slinked out of the forest behind Lara. A native warrior with a spear slipped out of the forest, and Lara obviously didn't hear him. Sara started shouting through her gag, but she wasn't able to express anything coherently. She felt her heart sink as the warrior slowly closed the distance between himself and Lara.

As Lara reached the edge of a clearing, she peeked out and spotted her sister. Sara was bound and gagged in front of a post, obviously left there for some purpose. She scanned the area, looking for any sign of an ambush, but saw nothing.

Lara stepped out of the woods and slowly stepped towards Sara. Sara spotted her, and while looking initially relieved, she began tugging frantically against her bonds and trying to talk through her gag.

Just relax, Sara, Lara thought, I'll be there in a minute, so stop being so impatient.

Suddenly, she spotted a spear-shaped shadow in front of her. Lunging backward, she narrowly dodged the death blow aimed at her midsection. As she made eye contact with her assailant, she recognized the warrior she had humiliated a few days ago.

Equally agile, Mabu squared off his lead foot, and thrust back with the handle of the spear, catching Lara with a sharp blow to her left shoulder, knocking her to the ground. Mabu leapt on top of Lara and immediately stopped his assault.

He looked down and saw that Lara had pulled her knife at the last second, thrusting it under his sternum as he'd mounted her. Dropping his spear, Mabu fell backwards, finally realizing he had indeed met his better in a female. Although, he had failed, he slipped into death with a strange sense of contentment.

Catching her breath, Lara stood up and looked around for any other attackers. Seeing none, she walked over to Sara and cut her free.

Sara apologized for getting captured so easily, but Lara shook her head. "No need to apologize. If he had been more conscious of the sun's angle, I would be dead, and who knows what horrors he would have inflicted on you."

"All I know is I'm starving," replied Sara. "Let's go back, and I'll make us a huge dinner."

The sisters hooked arms and headed back to their hut.

The End

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