Weekend At Bonnie's

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This story is now available in a revised and expanded version on Smashwords!

Bonnie hated when the alarm woke her up, but a masked stranger shoving a rag in her mouth was an even ruder awakening. Bonnie tried to fight free, but the man straddled her over the sheet effectively pinning her arms to her side. As his gloved hand held the rag in place, he pulled out another, which he then wrapped around her head, knotting it behind her neck.

Unable to speak or cry out for help, the man lifted his left leg and grabbed Bonnie's right arm while pulling the sheet back with his other hand. In horror, Bonnie realized she hadn't worn anything to bed that night, and feared what was to come. The intruder pulled a length of rope from his pocket and tied it around her wrist. Then he pulled her arm across her body, simultaneously rolling her over onto her stomach and then twisting her arm behind her back. With a tight grip on the rope, he took hold of Bonnie's left hand before she could reach for her gag and pulled it behind her back as well, tying it to the other wrist, taking away the use of her hands.

The man pulled off the sheet, and Bonnie curled into a fetal position fearing she was about to be raped. The man leaned over the side of the bed and lifted a duffel bag from the floor to the bed, and pulled out another rope. He grabbed Bonnie's ankles, and sensing Bonnie's thoughts, said, "I'm not here for your cunt. Cooperate, and I won't hurt you."

Bonnie saw the seriousness in his eyes, and relaxed somewhat. He tied her legs together at the ankles and knees, which only slightly relieved Bonnie. If he wasn't here for her body, what were his intentions? Robbery had to be the next likely scenario, and she didn't want her stuff taken either, but what could she do?

After her legs were secured, the man pulled her to a sitting position and then wrapped several loops of rope over her shoulders, finishing with another around her forearms, knotting it securely in the back. At this point, he double-checked all the knots and lay Bonnie back down on the bed.

"Now stay put," he ordered.

Bonnie nodded as the man left the room, taking his duffel bag with him. She laid there for a few minutes trying to process the situation when she heard the man talking to someone on the phone.

"Jayden's not here, but his girlfriend is... No, nothing permanent, but I've got her tied up in the bedroom so she's not going to be an issue... Yeah, I can wait. I figure he'll be back for a piece of ass like her before too long."


Who the hell was Jayden?

Suddenly, it came to her. A few weeks ago, her neighbor "Jay" from across the hall had asked if he could have a package sent to her place as he was going to be gone for a few days. She said yes, and gave him the box a week later. Did this guy or his boss think this was Jay's address as a result? If so, what would happen to her when Jay never showed up, and how long would the intruder wait?

Bonnie began grunting loudly through her gag trying to get the man's attention. If she could tell him he was wasting his time here, maybe it would help her situation somehow.

Sure enough, the man stepped into the bedroom. However, he wasn't in the mood for chatting. "Look," he said, "I told you to cooperate, and nothing would happen to you. Now shut the hell up!" He turned around and went back into the living room.

Incredulous, Bonnie rolled her eyes and sighed. Of course it wouldn't be that easy.

After an hour or so, Bonnie got an idea. Maybe she could get over to her desk and write him a note. Anything had to be better than just waiting around for something to happen.

Bonnie scooted her hips toward the edge of the bed and dropped her legs over the side. She pulled herself into a sitting position and slid into a standing position. She teetered for a few seconds getting balanced on her bound feet and unusable arms.

She took a gentle hop forward, again taking a few seconds to assure her balance. She took a few more jumps and began to feel good about her plan.

Her hops didn't go unnoticed, though, and the man charged into the room. Their eyes met, and he quickly ascertained which direction she was headed. He looked over at her desk, and his eyes immediately fell on the pair of scissors lying next to her laptop. He stepped over to the desk and grabbed the scissors and held them point-first toward Bonnie. "You couldn't just stay put, could you? I guess we'll have to go with something more stringent now."

Bonnie shook her head and tried explaining her intentions through the gag to no avail.

Although she'd loved her cast iron bedframe when she bought it, she now cursed its utility for her captor's purposes. She was seated against the headboard with her arms extended and tied off to the outer posts, crucifix-style. Ropes were tied around each elbow further anchoring her arms to the frame, and several strands also crossed her torso, ensuring she wasn't getting out of bed. The man untied her legs, but then crossed her ankles, tying them together and running another rope to her waist so she was forced to sit in a lotus-like position.

In a further act of indignity, he had untied the rag covering her mouth and stuffed it in with the other rag, filling her mouth to the point where it couldn't fit completely inside. He then wrapped several loops of duct tape over her mouth and the protruding rags, completely sealing all sounds from escaping.

After only a few minutes of struggling, Bonnie realized escape was hopeless, and she just sat there with her head bowed in submission, hoping the headboard would eventually warm and stop chilling her bare skin.

Bonnie must have fallen asleep, because the sound of her toilet flushing startled her alert. She listened and heard the intruder rattling stuff around in her bathroom and then start cursing under his breath.

The man walked into the bedroom. "I'm only seeing one toothbrush and just girl stuff in the bathroom. Jayden doesn't stay here, does he?"

Bonnie enthusiastically shook her head and tried gesticulating with her fingers.

The man quickly pulled out and flicked open a switchblade, giving Bonnie a start.

He leaned in and said, "I'm going to cut your gag off, so don't move. But so help me, if you start screaming, the blade is going in one of your eyes. You hear me?"

Bonnie nodded, her eyes fixed on the shiny blade.

The man was surprisingly gentle as he peeled away a portion of the tape with his fingers and slid the blade underneath, slicing through the tape like it was warm butter. As he peeled the tape back, Bonnie quickly spit out the rags and took a few long, deep breaths.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you all along. There's a "Jay" who lives across the hall in 608. He had a package sent here when he was out of town, but I barely talk to the guy."

"And the package?" asked the man.

"I gave it to him last Tuesday," Bonnie replied. "I didn't open it or anything, I swear!"

The man took a moment to stop and think and then reached for the roll of duct tape. He tore off a strip, and Bonnie realized what was coming.

"No, plea....mmph!" she got out before he applied the tape over her mouth. He followed up with three more strips crisscrossed over the others and walked out of the room, leaving Bonnie to ponder what was going to happen.

He returned about an hour later. "Good news, sweetheart," he said, "Jayden was home, and he and I came to an understanding."

Bonnie wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a few specks of blood on his shirt.

"As much fun as we've had here, it's time for me to go."

Bonnie let out a sigh, hoping this weekend from hell was finally over.

It wasn't as "over" as Bonnie hoped, though.

The man needed to make a clean getaway, so he untied Bonnie from the headboard and moved her to the floor where he hogtied her and gagged her with one of her pillowcases. He said he was going to leave a kitchen knife on her couch, so all she would have to do is squirm out to her living room and she could free herself, which should give him plenty of time to make his exit.

He strongly advised Bonnie to forget seeing anyone in her place that day, especially if someone from law enforcement asked her any questions. Bonnie nodded quietly not wanting a repeat of the day's activities.

Bonnie lay still for fifteen minutes after she heard her apartment door close, wanting to give the man plenty of time to get away and never return. Then she began squirming her way to the living room.

She could hear voices from out in the hallway, and she couldn't help but wonder what happened to Jay.

A knock on her door startled her, the man on the other side of the door saying, "Police. Anyone home?"

Oh sure, now you show up, she thought to herself. Of course, she couldn't answer the door right now even if she wanted to. Instead, she continued her effort toward the couch and the paring knife lying there practically glowing like Excalibur.

Her Sunday was also going to be ruined as she would likely spend the entire day trying to find a new apartment. She vowed to never again help out a neighbor with any mail issues.

The End

This story is now available in a revised and expanded version on Smashwords!

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