Railroad Terror

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"What are you doing?" screamed Nina.

The question she really should have been asking was "why". The "what" was apparent. She and her boyfriend Jake had just come home from a nice dinner and had begun a make-out session on the couch. That had been nice until he suddenly stopped, grabbed her wrists together and then began tying them tightly.

"I'm all for getting kinky, but we need to discuss things first," she said, trying to get a handle on the situation.

Jake finished the knot and got to his feet. "This isn't about 'kink', Nina," replied Jake. "This is about something even more intense."

He pulled another length of rope out of his pocket and reached around Nina's knees. Nina scissored her legs back and forth to fight him, but Jake stopped and grabbed her throat. "Quit your fucking kicking, or this is going to get ugly quick," he ordered.

Frozen with fear, Nina stopped and let him bind her legs together at the knees. She quietly asked him "why" numerous times, fighting back the tears, but Jake was disturbingly silent.

When he had finished tying her legs, Jake walked off towards the utility room. Nina looked at her bonds. She thought about untying her wrists with her teeth, but she was sure if Jake came back and saw what she was trying to do, he would get even angrier.

They hadn't been dating all that long, but he had been a nice guy thus far. What had changed?

Jake returned with a roll of clear packing tape and a rag.

"What are those for?" Nina asked.

"To keep you from asking so many stupid questions," Jake answered, as he sat near Nina's shoulders and began forcing the rag into her mouth. When Nina wouldn't comply, he grabbed her nose until she was forced to open her mouth to breathe, at which point he shoved the rag in. Once it was completely inserted, he pressed upward on her jaw until her mouth closed again, and he applied a strip of the packing tape over her mouth, sealing the rag inside.

He tore off the tape near the roll, and then applied two more strips crisscrossed over the first.

Jake stood up and grabbed Nina's arm. "Let's go," he said as he pulled her up.

Nina got to her feet with Jake's help and she was led to the front of the house as quickly as her hobbled knees would let her. Jake opened the front door and peered out. Seeing none of her neighbors were outside, he led Nina to the passenger side of his car, opened the door and sat her in the front seat.

Once seated, Jake took the loose ends from the knots around her wrists and knees and tied them together, ensuring Nina's hands would remain on her lap. He then buckled the shoulder strap over her and clicked it into place.

After shutting her door, Jake crossed around and got in the driver's side, fastened his seatbelt, locked the doors, and started the car.

"Now you know why I used the clear tape to gag you," he said. "If we pass anyone on the road, they'll just see two people in a car and think nothing of it.

Nina wanted to unbuckle the seatbelt and try to escape the car, but doing so would require shifting her entire body around to reach the buckle, and Jake would surely see the movement and stop her.

They did pass several other cars as they left the neighborhood, and as Jake said, no one appeared to bat an eye in their direction. Tears started welling up in Nina's eyes as all hope of escape slowly drained out of her with each passing mile. If Jake noticed, he didn't react. He appeared focused solely on his as-yet-unknown destination with the occasional side glance to make sure Nina didn't cause any trouble.

After nearly an hour of driving, Nina had to admit she was lost. Jake had driven out of the suburb into a more rural area, and all the scenery was looking the same in the dark.

Eventually, Jake pulled off the highway onto a dirt road and entered a wooded area about a half-mile off the main road. He pulled into a small clearing and parked the car. Nina stared at him, wondering what he had in mind, but frightened of the answer.

"We're here," was all Jake said before reaching into the backseat and grabbing a small duffel bag. He got out of the car, shouldered the bag, and went over to Nina's side. He opened the door, unfastened her seatbelt, and untied the knots between her wrists and knees. Taking Nina by the arm, he said, "Come on, there's still a ways to go."

Nina resisted, but Jake grabbed her with both hands and yanked her from the car. Nina fell to the ground, but with her knees still bound, she couldn't get up on her own.

"This would be a lot easier if you'd just fucking cooperate," he seethed, unzipping the duffel bag and pulling out another rope. He tied a quick slipknot in one end and put the loop over Nina's head, tightening it around her neck so it wouldn't inadvertently fall off. He then reached down and untied Nina's knees. Once her legs were free, he looped the makeshift leash around his hand a few times and lifted Nina to her feet.

Instinctively, Nina reached up to her neck, but Jake slapped her hands down. He pointed his finger directly at her face and said, "Don't! Now come on!"

Jake stepped forward into the woods, and Nina could only try and keep up with him so as not to be choked by the rope.

About a hundred yards into the woods, the trees opened back up, and Jake stopped. Nina looked down and saw a well-worn railroad track. Jake tossed his bag to the ground between them, and the full realization of Jake's intent hit Nina like a proverbial locomotive.

He was going to tie her to the tracks!

Nina tried backing away, but Jake still had hold of her leash. The knot tightened, and Nina began choking between tears.

"Too late to turn back now, Nina," said Jake, as he grabbed her arms.

Nina tried kneeing Jake in the groin, but he saw the blow coming and spun to the side. He quickly turned her so he had her from behind and dragged her towards the tracks.

Nina tried pleading through her gag as Jake pulled her to the ground and pinned her shoulders against the far track. Jake straddled her torso, sitting on top of her hands, pinning them underneath his butt so she couldn't fight back or attack his groin again. He pulled more ropes out of his bag, doubled it, and passed it under one of the tracks, pulling the ends through the loop and tightening it in place. He passed the ends under Nina's left arm, then over her chest, and back under her right arm before tying a knot around the track on the other side.

Jake shifted off Nina and untied her wrists. He kept a hold of her right hand and stretched out her arm, where he began tying it to the track as well. While he was occupied, Nina reached up with her left hand to pull off her gag.

She pulled some of the tape free as Jake finished with her right hand, when Jake quickly grabbed another rope and took a hold of her left hand to tie it off in the same way.

Using her tongue, Nina tried to dislodge the rag inside her mouth, but just as she did, Jake had finished and he clamped his hand over her mouth before she could start screaming.

"Nice try, and I doubt anyone would hear you all the way out here," he said, "but there's no reason to take any chances."

With his free hand, Jake reached into his bag and pulled out two rags. Repeating the process from earlier in the evening, he forced one in Nina's mouth, the other he wrapped between her lips and around her head to keep it in in place. Nina's screams turned into sobs. She had been so close!

Jake pulled out more rope and retied Nina's knees together and her ankles soon followed. Jake pulled out another long rope which he again doubled and passed under Nina's waist. He passed the ends through the loop again and pulled it tight. Then he took the ends down and under the other track, pulling her torso taut. He then passed the ends through the rope tying Nina's ankles and pulled it tight against the track, knotting it off. As the tracks were only around four-and-a-half feet wide, Nina's knees were bent and pointed up, and the only movement she could make any more were swinging them from side-to-side.

Jake stood up, taking a few moments to catch his breath and let the adrenaline subside. He looked at Nina and asked, "I bet you're wondering what all this is about, right, honey?"

Nina could only stare at him and nod.

"Think back," he said. "Remember your sophomore year in high school and a disgusting little late-blooming nerd you and your girlfriends used to humiliate on a daily basis to the point where he had to change schools to get away from the abuse?"

Nina's eyes widened.

"Yeah... Jason Shetland," he continued, "or as you liked to call him, 'Jason Shithead'. See, after the transfer, puberty finally kicked in, little Jason got his braces off, ditched the glasses for contacts, and started exercising on a regular basis. Then he changed his last name and started going by 'Jake'."

Nina always thought there was something familiar about Jake. But this?

"Sure, I tried therapy to get over my anger issues, but nothing gets straight to the problem like treating the source," gloated Jake. "Remember Chrissy Stanthrope? She's at the bottom of a lake upstate with a cinderblock around her neck. Stacy Reed? She's in a shallow grave not far from here. Of course, Molly Bateman ended up getting knocked up in college and married her baby's daddy who's an abusive drunk, so I'm just letting nature take care of that one for me. You were the only one left, and here we are."

Nina began crying and attempting to beg through the gag. It was a long time ago! She had been a stupid kid! We were all grown up now!

"Train's coming in about two hours," said Jake in a deadpan voice. "It'll still be dark then, and the engineer will never see you after coming around the bend. Good-bye... bitch."

Jake picked up the tape and his bag and headed back toward his car, leaving Nina screaming and pulling against her bonds.

She was sure she could already feel the rumbling on the tracks...

The End?

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