Kirsten's Ordeal

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"Okay, honey, I'll let you go," Kirsten said into the phone. "I already miss you. Good luck with your meetings tomorrow. I love you." Kirsten sighed as she hung up the phone. Her husband Robert was out of town on business, and had just arrived at his hotel. Kirsten herself had just finished showering after returning from the gym, and now she lounged on her bed in a pair of panties and an oversized T-shirt, idly stroking her wet hair.

This wasn't anything new for her. When she married Robert nearly twenty years ago, Robert was the head of his company's sales force, and several times a year, they needed his sales savvy to woo a potentially difficult client. It was his salesmanship that got her to agree to marry him all those years ago.

Kirsten got off the bed and pulled up her shirt. Gently stroking her toned belly, she smiled at how the last year of daily workouts was paying off. Although she was in her mid-forties, Kirsten had a figure that rivaled some of the twenty-somethings she saw at the gym.

It was nearly eight o'clock, and Kirsten figured she'd go watch a sappy chick flick, the kind that Robert typically hated, while he was out. As she exited the bedroom, she was shoved back-first into the wall. A gloved hand clamped over her mouth, and the masked man brandished a large hunting knife in her face.

"Not one single word," the man growled. "Understand?"

Kirsten nodded, her eyes fixated on the blade.

The man pulled his hand off her mouth and said, "Now turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Kirsten did as she was told, and the man holstered the knife into a belt sheath before taking some rope out of his back pocket and binding Kirsten's wrists together.

"What do you want?" Kirsten whimpered.

The intruder jerked the knot tight, saying "I thought I told you 'not a single word'!" Kirsten saw a red bandanna come over her face and then pulled tightly between her lips. "This should help you follow instructions," muttered the man, tying it snugly behind her head.

"Now, back in the bedroom," he ordered as he grabbed her shoulders and led her over to her bed. "Sit," he barked. After Kirsten complied, he tied her ankles together with another length of rope.

"I don't care if you sit or lie down, just stay on that bed until I tell you otherwise. Clear?!"

Kirsten nodded.

The intruder glanced around quickly and saw Kirsten's phone on the bed. "You shouldn't be using this either," he said as he picked it up and set it atop the dresser across the room. Then he left the room, leaving Kirsten to her thoughts.

Kirsten waited a few moments after he left and then tugged at her wrists. Her captor obviously knew what he was doing, because she felt no give at all in the ropes. She looked over at the window. Maybe if she was lucky, someone would be outside and she could get their attention.

She lunged up until she was standing. Wobbling slightly on her bound feet, she lightly hopped forward toward the window. The curtains were drawn, but she should be able to shove them aside with her shoulders and possibly undo the lock with the limited mobility in her arms.

Kirsten approached the window and then shuffled until she was backed up to the window. She gingerly leaned forward and reached up with her hands trying to find the lock.

Of course, she did this just as the man returned.

"I thought I told you to stay put!" he bellowed.

Kirsten whined through her gag as the man bent down and grabbed her legs, hoisting her up on his shoulder. He carried her back to the bed and dropped her onto the mattress.

"So much for me tying you up nicely," he grumbled.

The man pulled more rope out of his pocket and tied Kirsten's knees together. Then, he sat Kirsten up and tied rope around her shoulders above and below her bustline. Then he drew the ends down to the rope binding her wrists and pulled upward until her arms were tight against the ropes binding her torso. This he knotted off several times.

Then he untied Kirsten's gag. Kirsten wondered if he was he giving her the opportunity to speak. He wadded this bandanna up and shoved it into Kirsten's mouth. Then he produced another rag and tied it over her mouth, effectively silencing her completely.

"Maybe now you'll do as you're told," he grunted before leaving the room again.

Kirsten sighed. She looked toward the dresser at her phone. It was a long shot, but maybe she could get her phone and text Robert or someone else to call 911 for her.

She slipped off the bed and into a standing position again. With her knees bound and arms nearly immobile, her balance was more precarious than before. She took one uncertain hop and almost fell over. Her next few hops were shorter, but she slowly made her way to the dresser.

The phone lay all the way at the back against the mirror. Testing her mobility, she pushed her hands back, but only succeeded in around six inches away from her back. She took a minute to look at the dresser and saw no other option. She was going to have to get on top of it and slide back enough to reach it.

Shuffling around until her derriere was against the front, she took a deep breath through her nose. She lunged upward, but misjudged the height and jumped too high, landing on top of it with a loud thud.

Her heart sank as she heard the man's feet stomping down the hall.

Kirsten grunted as she tried to alleviate some of the tension on her back to little avail. Enraged, her captor had returned and threw her back onto the bed. He had removed the rag covering her mouth and replaced it with several strips of duct tape, sealing the rag already packing her mouth nearly airtight, making it difficult for her to breathe heavily.

He had then rolled her onto her stomach and hogtied her wrists to her ankles. Still unsatisfied at her level of movement, he had tied a rope to the one binding her knees and looped it over the back of her neck, tightening it until Kirsten was in a tight ball and effectively immobilized.

That was an hour ago, and Kirsten had barely moved after she had been rolled up and left facing the door. She tried wriggling her hands free again, but it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway she looked up toward the door. The intruder stood there looking at her.

"It's almost midnight," he said. "Have you had enough, or would you like to pay for another hour?"

Kirsten nodded.

"Another hour?" the man asked.

She nodded again.

"Okay, but I can't stay past one o'clock," he replied. "See you in an hour." He then left Kirsten to her thoughts.

If only she could get Robert to play tie-up games with her, then she wouldn't have to pay someone to do these scenarios every time he was out of town. She sighed, savoring the ropes' embrace and wondered how she was going to spend tomorrow night.

The End

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