Illegal Substitution

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I don't stick out at all, thought Bobbi Dale, as she walked through the leather- and latex-clad crowd in the Whip Lash, a disturbingly trendy S&M club on the east end of town. Fortunately, most of their attention was drawn to the stage where two dommes were doing a number with matching riding crops on a hooded, bare-chested man.

She made her way to the back of the club, and approached the large bouncer standing in front of a door marked "Staff Only".

"Auditions are during the day," the bouncer grunted.

Bobbi sighed.

"I'm not here to join the freak show, I have an appointment with Madeline... er... Mistress Dominique," Bobbi replied. "Can you tell her Bobbi Dale is here?"

The bouncer took a walkie-talkie out of his back pocket and pushed a button. The party on the other end replied, "Yes?"

The bouncer said, "A 'Bobbi Dale' is here to see you. She says she has an appointment."

"Show her in," came the reply.

The bouncer took a ring of keys from his pocket, selected one, and unlocked the door. He opened it and gestured Bobbi to enter. Bobbi walked through, and the bouncer followed.

While the club was adorned with all sorts of fetish décor, this area was more professional in appearance. The bouncer led Bobbi to a door and knocked before opening it.

The bouncer and Bobbi walked inside a sparsely decorated office. Behind a desk sat a woman in a black latex dress with a leather bodice barely keeping her ample cleavage in place. Her hair was equally jet black, and her makeup was done in a savage fashion.

The woman stood up and walked around to shake Bobbi's hand. "Ms. Dale, I'm Mistress Dominique. Pardon my appearance, but it is a business night, you understand?"

"Oh, completely," replied Bobbi, hoping she hadn't given off any disrespectful body language.

"Please, have a seat," said Dominique. As Bobbi sat down, Dominique returned behind her desk and sat down. "I'm fairly busy right now, as I'm leaving for a European conference after the club closes tonight, but what can I help you with?"

"I saw you were getting ready to leave the country, which is why I had to insist on a meeting tonight," said Bobbi. "I've been aiding the police on a drug investigation, and several of the leads I've followed are frequent visitors to your club. Your record is spotless, and the club itself operates in a very transparent way, so I was wondering if you've observed anything unusual with any of your staff as late."

Bobbi noticed a small twitch at the corner of Dominique's mouth. Dominique paused for a moment, and leaned forward slightly. "To be honest, one of my employees, Jake, does have a strange... predilection."

"Would you care to elaborate?" asked Bobbi.

"He likes to chloroform women," answered Dominique.

"I'm not sure how that's..." Bobbi's reply was interrupted when a sweet-smelling cloth clamped over her mouth and nose. In a split-second, she realized "Jake" was the bouncer who led her into the room and had been standing behind her. She tried to dislodge his grip, but Jake's arms were too strong. Bobbi went for her gun, but she had inhaled too much of the anesthesia, and Jake grabbed her arm with his free hand.

Seconds later, everything went black.

The thumping techno beat wasn't doing any favors for her throbbing head as Bobbi came to. Feeling a pressure on her waist, she tried to stand up, but found herself on a square platform with chains running from each corner to her hands and feet. She was bent over a bar standing around three feet high off the platform, and could feel a draft on her buttocks.

At that point, she realized she was no longer in her suit, but had been stripped down and dressed in a latex outfit, not unlike that of the other patrons and performers she had seen earlier. She could also tell by the way her hair was hanging than it had been pulled back into a tight ponytail. Additionally, she could feel the rubber ball strapped in her mouth and knew crying for help wasn't going to be an option.

Bobbi struggled for a few moments before Dominique and Jake entered the room.

"Somehow, I knew you were getting too close," said Dominique. "Now I just have to keep you occupied for a few hours until our flight leaves. For me, this is a one-way trip, and I'll be in a non-extradition country in about sixteen hours."

Bobbi grunted and jerked at the chains, achieving only a smile from Dominique.

"Struggle all you want. Those chains have held men twice your size," taunted Dominique. "I know you would get bored just sitting here, so I intend to make you the darling of the show tonight."

Bobbi stopped struggling and gave Dominique a confused look.

Dominique held up a red latex mask. "Physically, you bear a strong similarity to one of my performers, Lizzie. I sent her home early tonight with full pay and dressed you in her outfit. This hood will hide your identity, and no one is going to know the difference when you're wheeled out on stage tonight in her place."

Bobbi shrieked through the gag and began struggling anew.

"It's worth noting Lizzie is quite the pain slut, and a red hood indicates the submissive has no limits, so this is going to be quite an experience for you," continued Dominique. "Jake, would you hold her still for a moment?"

Jake grabbed Bobbi's head firmly while Dominique fished her ponytail through a hole at the top of the hood. She worked the mask down over Bobbi's face, and Bobbi squealed in horror when she realized the only other hole in the mask was for her nose. The snug-fitting latex not only blinded her, but applied a near-airtight seal over her mouth, further silencing her protests.

"Cozy, isn't it?" asked Dominique as she watched Bobbi's encased head dart around. "You may as well relax. You go on shortly."

Caught between anger and fear, Bobbi continued to buck against the chains, but neither they nor the bar under her waist gave any indication of weakness. Additionally, breathing only through her nose made any extended struggle more difficult.

A few minutes later, Bobbi heard a door open.

"Lizzie's ready to go on," said Dominique to the entrant.

"A red hood night?" said an unknown male voice.

"Yes, she said she needed some extra money," lied Dominique. "So I told her she could earn it tonight."

Bobbi cursed through the gag and hood, even though she knew no one could understand her.

"See? She's ready to go!" exclaimed Dominique. "Work her over good. She'll give you the usual signal if things get too intense."

The platform Bobbi was posed upon started to move, and she knew she was heading out to the stage. She tried pleading with her mover, but he must have figured she was getting into the mood.

Momentarily, she heard the roar of the crowd and felt herself being spun around and shown to the masses.

When the first whip stroke fell, Bobbi knew it was going to be a long night...

The End

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