Covert Tribulations

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Tanya's eyes flitted open, and it took a minute for her vision to clear up enough to identify her surroundings. "Identify" turned out to be the wrong word, as she had no idea where she was. She was lying on a bed in a moderately furnished room, possibly the second bedroom of a hotel suite. To her horror, she realized she was completely naked, and to make matters worse, as she went to lift herself up, she realized her arms were encased in some kind of canvas sheath behind her back that strapped from under her armpits behind her neck. Her knees had also been tied together, preventing her from being able to stand on her own.

"Hello?" she called out, not really expecting an answer.

Seconds later, a man entered the doorway and looked down at her. "I was wondering when you were going to wake up," he replied stoically.

Seeing the man's face, the memories of last night flooded back into Tanya's memories.

Tanya stared at herself in the full-length hotel mirror. Damn, girl, you can work it when you want to. The tight, black minidress hugged every inch of her athletic frame. For once, her short pixie haircut accentuated her feminine graces, drawing attention to her long neck which led right into the plunging neckline of the dress, bringing her cleavage to the forefront.

Unfortunately, this wasn't just a night out on the town. A man by the name of Markus Blake, a representative for a sex toy company specializing in bondage gear was suspected for transporting narcotics on his various sales trips. Tanya's assignment was to go undercover and confirm the FBI's suspicions if at all possible. Markus had a type of woman he preferred, and Tanya fit the closest of all the other female agents in the area. Figuring she could get Markus to take her back to his room that night, she could hopefully spot any drugs or other evidence they could use to make a formal arrest.

She walked into the hotel's lounge later, and spotting Markus, she took a seat next to him at the bar and started some idle conversation with him. She claimed to have returned early from a night out with some girlfriends who'd gotten too drunk to continue, and asked Markus about his job. He was surprisingly forthcoming, and she tried sealing his interest by showing him her handcuffs, which she had hidden in her purse.

Markus started flirting heavily with her, ordered them another round of drinks, and... that's all she could remember.

That had to have been it... Markus somehow drugged her drink without her spotting it, and because he did so, it meant he knew who she really was!

"How did you...?" she began to ask.

Markus sat down on the edge of the bed next to Tanya. "...know you weren't some regular bar tramp? Sweetheart, you forget my line of work. When you showed me those handcuffs of yours, I immediately recognized the branding stamp. That company only sells to law enforcement agencies, and civilians have a hell of a time getting a hold of them. I'm not sure who you work for, and frankly, I don't really care. In any case, I drugged your drink, and here we are."

Tanya cursed herself for not even considering that possibility. At least she'd have that information for the next time -- assuming there was one.

"So what next?" she asked.

"What's next is I secure you in such a way that you don't provide any further complications until I can get a good distance from here. I would have done this sooner, but some girls don't respond well to the 'surprise ingredient' I put in your drink earlier, and I didn't want you choking or having a seizure when I wouldn't be able to get you medical attention quickly enough."

Markus continued. "Speaking of which, what do you think of this single glove? It's called the Armbynder ZX, and we just started carrying it. It's become quite the seller, really. It's made of a breathable, but deceptively strong canvas weave and faux leather reinforcements run throughout the entire sheath, even into the metal ring down by your fingers. Best of all, the shoulder straps connect with a quick-release snap buckle that you can remove in a hurry in case of a safeword or other emergency."

"I don't suppose I have the luxury of a safeword," muttered Tanya.

Markus shook his head. "That's out of the question for you right now, and speaking of which..."

Markus reached over the side of a bed and returned with a small harness. Tanya's eyes were immediately drawn to the red plastic ball at its center.

"Oh, hell no..."

Tanya tried to roll away, but Markus quickly grabbed a hold of her and pushed her onto her stomach before straddling her from behind, sitting on top of her useless arms, and pushing the wind out of her lungs. He held the ball in his left hand while he tightly pinched Tanya's nose shut, cutting off her breathing and lifting her head slightly until she was forced to concede and open her mouth, which Markus then forced the ball in between her jaws until he felt the satisfying pop of it snapping behind her teeth, indicating a perfectly tight fit.

"When you've been in this business as long as me, you can gauge the size of a woman's mouth pretty much on sight," he bragged as he fastened the harness's buckles around Tanya's head.

Tanya never felt so silenced in her life. The ball completely filled the inside of her mouth, forcing her jaw open only to have it pulled tight the other way by straps running under her jaw, over her cheeks, between her eyes, and over her head. Even though she knew better, she tried crying out, only to elicit a muffled moan.

"That ballgag harness is also a steady seller, despite it being a fairly basic model," stated Markus. "I think we'll finish the job with just your standard-issue rope, though. I can't have you taking all of my good toys."

Tanya didn't bother fighting Markus as he crossed her ankles, tying them together both vertically and horizontally to prevent her from uncrossing them. After tying the knot binding her ankles, he left several inches of the rope free which he then tied to the ring at the end of the single glove, leaving Tanya in the strictest of hogties.

Markus got off the bed and looked Tanya over. "I think that should hold you until I finish packing. Stay put, and depending how you behave, I may add something special before I leave."

Tanya scowled at Markus as he left the room. She gave a few tugs on her bonds, but Markus knew exactly what he was doing, and there was no way she was getting free on her own. Likewise, she tried rubbing the gag against the bed to see if she could dislodge it, but again, it was too securely strapped and didn't move even a millimeter.

She sighed deeply and lay her head down to bide the time until Markus checked out.

Despite her discomfort, Tanya had fallen asleep when Markus reentered the room several hours later. Markus sat next to her and lightly shook her awake.

"Well, that can't be so bad if you managed to sleep."

Tanya shot daggers at him with her eyes.

He continued, "In any case, I'm off to my new destination, and I wish we could have met under better circumstances. You're welcome to the suite until housekeeping shows up, which since it's already evening probably won't be until late morning, or more likely early afternoon given tomorrow is Sunday."

Filled with rage, Tanya thrashed wildly and grunted muffled curses at Markus.

Markus shook his head. "Well, that doesn't sound very ladylike. I guess I'll have to follow the advice of the late rigger Jack Banner: 'one more rope'."

He left the room and promptly returned with the aforementioned rope. He doubled it and looped it through a ring at the top of the harness gag. Taking the other end, he threaded the ring of the single glove and pulled Tanya's head back until it was in a forward-facing position. He tied it off while saying, "Just be thankful I'm not shoving a vibrator up your ass. You wouldn't be the first person to get that treatment from me."

Tanya was all but in tears as a dull ache throbbed in her jaw and neck from the tension.

The tears rolled freely once Markus waved good-bye and she heard the click of the suite's outer door, meaning she was stuck in this position for the next eighteen hours or so until the cleaning staff found her.

The End

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