Season One, Episode 5: Trust Issues (Part 2 of 2)

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Continued from Episode 4.

The story so far:

  • It's a Saturday night.
  • Dawn is out of town for the weekend.
  • Piper and Roni were bound in the laundry room by Lori and Krista.
  • Lori and Krista then left to get dinner.
  • Jerrica lost a bet to Cat and is tied up in her living room.
  • Tia let her new boyfriend Mike tie her to her own bed.
  • Mike is actually a con artist/thief who wants to rob the entire complex.
  • Cat just opened her door to Mike.

"Mind if I bug you for a favor?" Mike asked.

Cat had to hand it to Tia -- Mike was definitely a hunk. And that smile? She had to admit she was almost jealous.

"What kind of favor?" Cat asked.

Jerrica must have been trying to adjust herself, because a muffled grunt from the living room interrupted the brief silence. Cat stiffened, and her eyes darted backward.

"Oh, don't worry about that," said Mike. "Tia told me everything. Sorry if I'm interrupting."

Taken aback their secret was out, Cat stammered, "Oh, okay. Sorry, what did you need?"

"I was trying to open a bottle of wine, and Tia's corkscrew broke," said Mike. "She would have come down, but well..." He winked.

"Oh! Right!" exclaimed Cat. "Yeah, come on in. Let me try and find it."

Mike followed Cat to the kitchen entrance and peeked into the living room. One of the other girls was gagged and bound securely to a chair, so he quietly slipped one of the lengths of rope he'd taken from Tia's toybox out of his back pocket. Cat was fixated on her cluttered countertop and didn't notice his advance.

"Now where did I -- Hey!" Cat yelled as Mike grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. He pushed her firmly against the counter and began tying her wrists together. Cat wasn't quite sure what was going on.

"Did Tia put you up to this?" she asked. "Because we're not supposed to bring in any outside help without warning the others, especially since she said she was off-limits for the night."

Mike finished the knots on Cat's hands and by way of an answer, grabbed a dishcloth and forced it into Cat's mouth. Holding the rag in with his right hand, he reached around Cat's waist with his left and led her into the living room.

"Actually, this is all my idea," Mike said, forcing Cat down to the floor. He spied a roll of duct tape on a nearby table and grabbed it. Rolling Cat to her back, he straddled her torso with his legs and tore off a strip with his teeth. He applied the strip over Cat's mouth, sealing the rag inside. Mike followed with more tape, ensuring Cat couldn't dislodge her gag.

Jerrica quickly realized this wasn't one of their games and began tugging frantically, but Cat had done her work too well, so all she could do was watch helplessly as Mike continued tying Cat.

Krista and Lori arrived back at the complex. Although their stomachs were full, Lori was annoyed.

"You should have picked a different place," said Lori. "You know how busy they get on a Saturday night."

Krista shrugged. "So Roni and Piper had to stay tied up in the dark a little longer than we expected. Serves Piper right for delaying our release last week just so she could tease us."

"We probably should let them go now," said Lori.

"Yeah, let's do it," answered Krista. She patted her pockets. "Oh crap, I think I left the handcuff keys in your apartment."

"No problem," Lori replied. "You go down and keep them company for a few minutes, and I'll run up to my place and get them."

"Take your time." Krista grinned. "I owe the two of them some well-deserved gloating."

"Meanie," said Lori, and the two went their respective ways.

Tia tugged as hard as she could against the ropes, fighting back tears. How could she have been so stupid? She was already taking a risk bringing home a guy she hadn't known for very long home, but then telling him about her and her neighbors' bondage games and letting him tie her up this soon -- stupid!

Mike had done his job properly, however. While the ropes weren't tied especially tight while she relaxed, they tightened when any tension was applied. If he'd only given her some more slack on her legs, she might be able to unbuckle the ballgag and loosen the knots with her teeth. Try as she might, though, the closest she could get her hands was six inches away.

A trickle of drool ran down her chin as she finally gave up. With any luck, the other girls would have their guard up and be able to contact the police or other help.

A dismayed Cat looked up at Jerrica. Mike had crossed her ankles and tied them to the ropes he wrapped around her torso, so she lay in a tight modified hogtie, helpless to free either herself or Jerrica.

Mike was just about to leave when he saw someone pass by the peephole. He saw another woman unlocking the door to apartment across the hall, so he grabbed the roll of duct tape and quietly opened Cat's door.

Lori walked into her apartment, but before she heard the door shut, someone tackled her from behind. She landed on her stomach, temporarily knocking the wind out of her.

As she tried to regain enough breath to question her attacker, she felt her hands pulled back and tape wrapping her forearms. Mike started at her wrists and layered the tape upward almost to her elbows. He rolled Lori over and applied several strips of tape over her mouth before she could yell for help.

He made several loops of tape over her thighs, calves, and ankles to immobilize her legs. Wondering if she was still an escape risk, he completely wrapped her hands in tape and left her lying at the entrance of her living room.

Lori, meanwhile, had no idea who this man was and panicked. The tape held fast, though, and her squirming was of no use against the all-purpose binder.

Seeing Lori also had her "toybox" sitting out, Mike took some more rope and a ballgag and stuffed them into his pockets. Satisfied his captive was secure, he left the apartment and began knocking on doors, prepared to use the corkscrew story to subdue any remaining occupants.

There weren't any answers at the apartments he hadn't been inside yet, but as he neared the basement steps, he heard a voice coming from downstairs. He leaned into the entrance to try and get an idea of his opposition.

I wonder what's taking her so long, thought Krista. Not that I mind all that much, though. Krista enjoyed taunting of Piper and Roni, but she was running out of things to say. She heard footsteps at the top of the stairs and knelt down to her captives. "Oh, it's almost over," she cooed.

Krista didn't see it was actually Mike walking down the stairs, but Piper and Roni did. They started whining through the tape covering their mouths.

"Oh, relax," scolded Krista. "We'll free you in a minute." She turned her head toward Lori, but squealed and fell backward when she saw Mike instead.

Mike wasted no time and darted toward Krista, grabbing her arms and dragging her back toward one of the basement support posts. He crossed Krista's wrists around the pole and quickly lashed them together. Lying helpless on her back, Krista offered little resistance when Mike stepped around to insert the ballgag he'd taken from Lori into her mouth.

Mike grabbed the belt of Krista's pants and lifted her into a standing position. He tied another rope around her waist and the pole and repeated around her ankles. With one rope left, he passed it between Krista's wrists and took both ends down to her ankles, where he pulled it tight and pinned Krista's hands between her shoulder blades. He double-checked the tightness of the ballgag, and then bent down to check Roni and Piper's ropes.

"By my count, you were the last one," he stated, standing up and facing Krista. "Thanks for taking care of these two for me."

Krista whined, realizing "playtime" had just gotten deadly serious.

Without another word, Mike went back up the stairs, leaving three immobile and frantic women in his wake.

Mike spent the next hour raiding the women's apartments. He loaded his SUV with easily-sellable items like small flatscreen TVs, laptops, and what jewelry he could find. As it neared midnight, he had acquired a pretty sizeable haul and decided to double-check his captives one last time.

In the basement, Piper and Roni were still cuffed together on the floor, although they'd tried moving closer to Krista, who was still tied to the pole. The most they could do was untie her ankles, so Mike left them alone.

Moving up to Lori's apartment, the duct-taped occupant was still writhing on the floor. Mike verified her hands were still encased in the tape and moved on.

In Cat's apartment, Cat managed to wriggle over to Jerrica and was slowly untying Jerrica's wrists. Seeing this, Mike said, "Oh no, you don't!" and grabbed the ropes around Cat's torso. He dragged her into the bedroom to the foot of her bed. "I need some lead time yet, so you can untie each other in a bit." He pulled the bedroom door closed, although not enough to engage the doorknob. Cat was going to have to work the door open then wriggle back out to Jerrica to start over again, which should take at least twenty or more minutes. Mike retied Jerrica's wrists and headed to his final stop.

Tia had cried herself dry by this point, so when Mike walked in, her thoughts were turning to rage. Mike sat down next to her on the bed.

"Well, although it was short-lived," he said, "it was fun."

Tia muttered something indecipherable through the ballgag. Mike understood her intent, though.

"Sorry you feel that way, honey," he continued. "I suppose I should tell you not to bother calling me anymore, especially since this phone is going in a dumpster on my way home."

He leaned in and kissed her forehead, earning more muffled insults from Tia. Mike stood up and headed out, pausing briefly at the door to the bedroom.

"Oh, and my name isn't 'Mike' either," he stated, "but I'm sure you figured that out by now. See ya!"

Mike left, leaving Tia thrashing and cursing.

Minutes later, he was driving off with his ill-gotten haul.

It was nearly 3 a.m. when Dawn pulled into her parking space. She hadn't been at her cousin's house even twenty-four hours when both of the kids started in with severe flu symptoms. Rather than deal with that, she said her good-byes and began the long drive home.

As she walked into the building, she heard a lot of crying coming from the basement. Although exhausted from the road, curiosity got the better of her, and she walked downstairs.

Seeing the three, she said, "You're all up late."

She was about to leave, but they seemed more frantic and vocal than usual. Reluctantly, she walked over to Krista and undid her ballgag.

Krista quickly explained about the strange man who tied her up, and Dawn untied Krista. Fortunately Dawn also had a universal handcuff key on her keyring, so Roni and Piper were freed as well.

The four spread through the house and released the other women, with Tia spilling the entire story.

After some much-needed fluids and bathroom breaks, they met in Dawn's apartment and tried to figure out what to do next. The logical thing to do was call the police, but other than a physical description, they didn't have much to go on to identify "Mike". Additionally, if he was found, the details of their bondage games would become public knowledge, which could be detrimental to all their professional careers.

Since no one had been really hurt, and only easily-replaceable stuff had been stolen, they decided it was better to stay quiet and keep their privacy. All eight vowed to be much more careful in the future when bringing a date home and even more so before engaging in any sort of bondage-related activities with him.

Finally, as the sun was beginning to rise, each woman went back to her apartment for some much-needed sleep.

The End

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