Season One, Episode 4: Trust Issues (Part 1 of 2)

  • Blackrose Terrace
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It was a typical Saturday night at 4616 Blackrose Terrace -- or at least what passed for "typical" at this particular apartment complex. Cornermates Piper Kurtz and Roni Lord sat back-to-back on the floor of the basement laundry room staring at the other woman's wrists which were cuffed around her torso. Each woman was also bound at the knees and ankles with rope, and several strips of duct tape covered her mouth.

Krista Parks and Lori Benson stood nearby admiring their handiwork. After what happened last Sunday, it felt good to give these two a taste of their own medicine.

"Too bad Dawn's out of town," said Lori. "She still owes these two as well."

Krista nodded. "We all do after that bit of double-cross. For sure, I thought Tia would be in on this after Piper grabbed her after her date."

"Speaking of which, we need to keep it down tonight. Tia has him over at her place right now," Lori replied.

"Well, that's certainly moving quickly," exclaimed Krista with a raised eyebrow. "How long has she known this guy?"

Lori shrugged. "As I understand it, it's only been two or three weeks, but they've been talking on the phone every night they aren't together."

"Well, good for her, I suppose." Krista paused for a moment. "I'm getting hungry. Want to go grab a bite to eat, and then see what Cat and Jerrica are up to?"

Lori grinned. "Sure! These two aren't going anywhere."

Piper and Roni scowled at the two departing women, moaning futilely when Lori turned out the lights on her way upstairs.

"Um... What am I looking at, honey?" asked Mike.

Tia Nash could have slapped herself. She'd sent Mike to get some clean towels from the hall closet, but forgot about her "box of tricks", which she hadn't lidded.

She walked into the hallway, and sure enough, Mike was staring directly at the box full of rope, duct tape, and assorted bondage gear.

Tia took a deep breath. "Promise you won't laugh?" she asked.

Sensing Tia's nervousness, Mike smiled. "No, but this sounds like a good story."

Well, at least he's honest, thought Tia.

"Let's sit down, and I'll explain," said Tia, hoping her face wasn't turning too red.

Cat Rockwell heard a knock at her door. Ever cautious, she looked through the peephole and saw a fidgety Jerrica standing alone outside. She opened the door.

"Ready to pay up?" Cat sneered.

Jerrica Baxter shrugged her shoulders. "Do I have a choice?" she asked.

"Nope," Cat answered. "Get in here. I told you Tia would have her new guy staying over within a month. Next time you'll know better than bet against me."

"Yeah, yeah," muttered Jerrica. "Where do you want me?"

Cat shut the door and motioned Jerrica through. "In the living room," she said. "Since you're being a cooperative, good sport about this, we'll go with the easier of the two things I had in mind."

"Aren't you generous?" sneered Jerrica.

Although the laundry room was in the basement, some ambient light from the security lights in the parking lot emanated through the frosted glass. Once Piper and Roni's eyes adjusted to the darkness, they could actually see fairly well, for all the good it did them.

They thought they could squirm free of the handcuffs, but Krista had the sense to make sure Roni's arm was on the inside on her right side, while Piper's was the inside on her left.

Similarly, they scooted around on the floor trying to find a piece of wire or something they could use to jimmy the locks on the cuffs, but weren't having any luck at all. After about an hour, the two women figured they'd just have to wait on the other two to free them.

The question was how long that was going to be.

Tia held her breath waiting for Mike's reaction. To his credit, he hadn't laughed or gotten too spooked about her and her neighbors' proclivities, although his eyebrow had risen a few times during her explanation.

"Huh..." Mike finally said.

"You're not weirded out, are you?" asked Tia.

"No, nothing like that," replied Mike. "It's just wild how eight of you with the same interests managed to not only meet each other, but get this apartment arrangement set up for your... adventures. So are the other girls tying each other up right now?"

Tia shrugged. "More than likely. We're respectful of each other's personal lives, so I'm immune from them tonight. Plus, we're not sure how 'outsiders' would take to this, so they don't know I've told you yet, although I wasn't planning to yet."

Mike smiled. "I'm glad you trusted me with this. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, you ladies aren't the only ones interested in this sort of thing."

"You mean...?" Tia asked.

Mike nodded. "I know it's sudden, but if you'd like I can show you."

A wave of excitement ran down Tia's spine. She grabbed Mike and kissed him full on the lips. "Show me," she ordered.

"This is your idea of 'easy'?" asked Jerrica, wincing slightly as Cat checked her knots.

Jerrica was sitting on a wooden chair. Her wrists were bound behind her back with the ends pulled through the back of the chair and looped around her waist. Her upper arms were individually bound to the chair back. Each of her ankles was bound to the corresponding front chair leg, and more rope circled her torso and thighs.

Cat admired her ropework. "At least you're sitting down. The other position would've had you standing on one leg."

Jerrica sighed. "I suppose you're right..." she grumbled.

Holding up two handkerchiefs, Cat said, "But we're not quite done yet."

Jerrica groaned, knowing it was going to be her last coherent sound for the next few hours.

Tia could barely control her excitement. She had changed into a lacy pink teddy and Mike told her to sit on the bed. With near-expert skill, he spread her arms and tied each wrist to the posts of her headboard. Although they weren't overly snug, Tia found she couldn't just slip out of them. Mike, being the sweetheart he was, checked each time to make sure nothing was pinching or otherwise uncomfortable.

Now, he had tied her ankles together and was roping them to the footboard. When he was done, he asked again if everything was okay.

"Yes, but..."

Mike was fishing around in the box and asked, "But what?"

Tia was a bit embarrassed, but said, "Well, with my legs tied together, how are you going to... you know?"

Mike found a purple ballgag in the box and sat next to Tia. "Immobilize you and the rest of your neighbors before I steal all your stuff? I think that's exactly the right way."

Tia frowned. "That's not funny. If you're going to be creepy, then you need to untie me right nnngh!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Mike forced the gag into her mouth and fastened the buckle behind Tia's head.

"Creepy? No," said Mike by way of explanation. "See, in casing the neighborhood, I noticed this complex seemed to only house single women, so I figured it would be easy pickings as it was. Now that I know what you girls are into, my job is going to be even easier than I originally thought."

Tia shook her head and moaned through the gag.

Mike caressed the side of her face. "You're a sweet girl, Tia. Under different circumstances, I wouldn't mind dating you for real, but I've got work to do tonight."

Tia tugged at the ropes, but Mike had tied her too tightly to escape. She also knew her muffled screams, even if someone did hear them, would likely be ignored.

Mike grabbed her jewelry box and then walked out of the bedroom, leaving Tia in tears.

Cat was admiring her captive, wondering if she could extort any favors out of her to expedite her release when she heard a knock on her door.

She looked at Jerrica. "Who knows, you may have company," she said with an evil grin.

Jerrica replied by making a face at her and mumbling something incomprehensible through the rags.

Cat walked over to her door and saw Tia's date on the other side. "It's Tia's man, keep quiet!" she hissed.

She opened the door a crack. "Hello?" she said.

"Hi, I'm Mike, Tia's boyfriend? Mind if I bug you for a favor?"

To Be Continued in S1E05: Trust Issues, Part 2 of 2

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